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          Face Mask            

          ●  Face Mask Kids   
          ●  Face Mask Type IIR


          Gauze Product            

          ●  Gauze Swab   ●  Gauze Roll  
          ●  LAP SpongesKids   ●  Gauze Bandage   ●  Gauze Bal



          ●  High Elastic Bandage   ●  PBT Bandage  
          ●  Crepe Bandage   ●  Gauze Bandage  


          We Specialize In

          Production and export of medical dressings as the main production enterprises

          More About Us

          "GANGFENG"is awarded as a famous trade
          mark of ShaoXing in 2005

          The major products are Absorbent cotton gauze,gauze related surgical dressings,various types of medical bandages,first aid kits and all kinds of first aid items.In the meantime,we deal in Surgical adhesive ...

          The quality of products conforms to the requirements of British Pharmacopoeia, European Pharmacopoeia, USP,DIN and China state standard.....

          300 MORE


          107,880,00 RMB

          Registered capital

          1998 YEAR

          Time of establishment

          The Products Meet The Requirements Of Din And The State

          The company's main products are medical bleached cotton gauze, all kinds of medical gauze products, all kinds of medical bandages, medical first-aid kit series products. At the same time operating all kinds of medical adhesive tape, orthopedic bandage, non-woven medical dressing and so on

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